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Citation Styles: APA Style

Learn about different citation styles

APA Overview


What is APA Style?

Purdue OWL APA Guidelines

Select the link below to read about APA guidelines.

Purdue OWL APA Guidelines


Parenthetical Citations




Click here to watch an ERC tutorial about abstracts

APA In-text Citations

Check Purdue OWL to be sure you're using in-text citation correctly.


Check Purdue OWL to see how to list your references correctly.

Why Use APA?

APA Style is similar to MLA Style, but there are notable differences. APA Style includes a cover page and abstract (but be sure to ask your instructor).

APA Style Tutorial

Select the link below to watch the ERC tutorial describing how to cite in APA style!

APA Style Citation

Sections of an APA paper

Running head

You're probably wondering what in the world a "running head" is. . .well, the running head is a shortened version of your paper's title. The running head cannot exceed 50 characters, including spacing.

Watch the ERC tutorial to learn how to insert a running head into your paper.


For your list of sources, you should include a References page.

Each citation style refers to the list of sources by a different title.