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Studying for Success: Home

This guide provides tips for studying effectively and managing your time wisely.

Ways to Succeed in College

The best way to start improving your chances at success in college is to attend class! Missing class can cause you to fail. Many courses include attendance as a part of your grade. A recent study found a connection between student attendance and their test scores.

Read your syllabus! Students often fail to do well in class simply because they didn't read the entire syllabus. Think of the syllabus as a contract between your instructor and you. Grading information, late policies, etc. are usually included in a course syllabus.

Take notes! Notes are crucial to academic success. There isn't a set way to take notes. Learn what works best for you. Some students use different colored markers to take notes; some type their notes. Any time you're in a class, you should be taking notes.

Visit the ERC! The college's Educational Resource Center (ERC), available at De Queen, Ashdown, and Nashville, is UA Cossatot's best kept secret. The ERC is the number one stop outside of the classroom to offer academic help to students. It includes a library, free tutoring, textbook rental & OER program, and the college gift shop. With over 200 online databases and over 8,000 books, the ERC offers credible resources for research. Face-to-face tutors are available to help you succeed. 

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What is your Learning Style?

One of the most effective ways to determine the best study method that works for you is to understand your learning style. Take this quiz to see what kind of learner you are. 

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