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Studying for Success: Memory Recall

This guide provides tips for studying effectively and managing your time wisely.


Instead of simply trying to memorize all the information from your online lectures and your notes, try using memory recall instead. Use your exam guideline in order to make yourself a list of questions drawing from different sections that you feel are going to be on the test, and see if you can answer them freely. If you can’t, then you know what you need to study, and through using your notes in order to answer the question you might find that you better understand the subject by doing so.

Writing in Red

Writing in red ink has been proven to make information more easily memorable to the brain and will help you to memorize pieces of information more efficiently and accurately. This is particularly good when thinking about language courses and the extensive vocabulary that you need to learn. However, if you want to better remember or memorize abstract concepts or ‘big brain’ knowledge then it would be better for you to use blue ink! Basically what I’m telling you is that yes, you treat yourself and buy that whole pack of pens from Muji. (Mahta & Zhu 2009New York Times)


To Chew or not to Chew

Some people find chewing gum while studying and then chewing the same gum during an exam helps them remember the material. However, if the idea of gum grosses you out or you prefer not to chew it in one of our study rooms in consideration of others, try substituting music instead. Pick a single song instead of a particular gum flavour. Choose a song that blends into the background, for example, a classical such as Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23, Beethoven’s Sonata No. 14 “Moonlight” or something like “Achilles Come Down” slowed and with reverb: A song that can easily blend into the background and that you won’t come to hate after hearing it more than four times on repeat. (Read more: Harvey 2020Rugg & Andrews 2010)


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Study Smarter-Not Harder

Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23

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A power point presentation: Tips on college study skills. What every student needs to know in order to be successful in college.


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