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UA Cossatot Educational Resource Center: The ERC: Technology

What the ERC can do for you as a UA Cossatot student

ERC Technology

The ERC uses various technologies to provide the best in academic services. For instance, at each campus, we provide several computer workstations for students' use. Using either traditional computers or thin clients, students are able to access the Internet, as well as Microsoft Word. Wi-Fi access is also available to students.

Computer or Thin Client Use


Students are able to print to student copiers. At De Queen, students may print in the ERC and upstairs in the hallway adjacenet to Room 514. Students are initially provided $5 worth of prints. Additional print cards may be purchased at the ERC in De Queen and Nashville, and at the front desk in Ashdown. *Students may not print in color

Database Access

To access the ERC databases, you will need a current student ID. Go to our web page and select "ERC Databases." Once on the login page, you will be able to enter your 14-digit ERC barcode and your password. You can also select "My Account" to check whether you have any loans checked out or owe any overdue fines.

What is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?

When you hear the term "Blackboard Collaborate Ultra," think of Skype and how it works. Collaborate Ultra uses a webcam and microphone for conferencing. With the right technology (sufficient Internet connection, webcam, microphone), you will be able to meet with your advisor, instructor, tutor, or classmate through your computer.