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UA Cossatot Campus Guide: Blackboard

This guide provides easy access to the information you need to know as a UA Cossatot student.


We use Blackboard as a Learning Management System (LMS) at UA Cossatot. You will find your online courses on Blackboard, as well as OER material for Enhancement classes. There are also Communities you may access through Blackboard, such as the Virtual ERC for online tutoring.

Finding Blackboard

Blackboard Help

For help with Blackboard questions or problems, contact Cole Jones

Logging in to Blackboard

Username: ua_studentid 

Password: first letter of your first name (capitalized), the first letter of your last name (not capitalized) + full eight digit date of birth. Example: John Smith born on January 15, 1989 would be: Js01151989

IMPORTANT Log In Information

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