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UA Cossatot Campus Guide: Attendance Policy

This guide provides easy access to the information you need to know as a UA Cossatot student.

UA Cossatot Attendance Policy

UA Cossatot Attendance Policy

Class attendance is mandatory! The UAC policy on attendance is below. Your instructor may drop you from your class when you exceed the maximum number of absences. However, if you know you need to drop a class, please complete at Drop Form with Student Services. This is the only way you can be guaranteed that you will be dropped and receive a refund or “W” on your transcript. Instructors are not required to drop you.

Attendance Policy

The college recognizes the correlation between student attendance and student retention, achievement and success. Any class session or activity missed, regardless of cause, reduces the opportunity for learning and may adversely affect a student’s achievement. Non-attendance may impact a student’s financial aid. The college requires that instructors take and timely report student attendance.

Students are expected to attend all class sessions and laboratory periods for which they are enrolled. The class instructor defines circumstances under which an absence may be excused and absences are generally an individual matter between the student and instructor. Each instructor shall, in writing, at the beginning of each semester make clear to the students in the course the expectations regarding attendance. The attendance policy is located in syllabi or program handbooks. Students are responsible to instructors for class attendance and for any class work missed during an absence. Students are responsible for contacting instructors regarding work missed. Make-up assignments are only permitted with the approval of the instructor. Students who will be absent from class due to participation in athletics or a collegesponsored activity are responsible for completing all required coursework as provided by the instructor. The instructor determines how in-class activities associated with an absence(s) can be accommodated.

Instructors reserve the right to drop or withdraw students from classes due to lack of attendance at the point that a student has missed 25% of the class. Courses meeting twice a week correlates to 7 days; courses meeting once a week correlates to 4 days; online and summer courses correlate to 4 days. Certain programs may require more stringent attendance requirements.

Students are required to establish initial attendance in physical classes by the second week of class and in virtual classes by making a substantial contribution by the census day of the semester. [tenth class day for sixteen week term, fourth day of class for eight week term, second day of class for four week term]. The instructor determines a substantial contribution as a homework assignment, a quiz or test, or an appropriately involved discussion board posting.

Students failing to establish initial attendance by the census date of the semester will be reported as “no-shows” by their instructor. [tenth class day for sixteen week term, fourth day of class for eight week term, second day of class for four week term]. Student attendance in virtual classes will be established by weekly substantial contributions as defined above.

Students who wish to withdraw from a course must contact Student Services and/or the instructor to complete the drop process. Failure to withdraw can result in an “F” being posted on the student’s transcript.

Updated July 2020

Classes meeting twice weekly in regular (Fall/Spring) terms

Students may miss a maximum of 7 class meetings

Classes meeting once weekly in regular (Fall/Spring) terms

Students may miss a maximum of 4 class meetings

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UA Cossatot Attendance Policy