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University of California -   California University (US), UC Irvine, OpenCourseWare - OCW offerings directed at working adults seeking continuing education with option to enroll in related instructor-led, for-credit courses: collections, courses, materials, lectures. California University (US), webcast.berkeley - central service for online video & audio for students and learners around the globe . California University (US), Podcasts - courses,

Cape Town University - web portal for accessing open teaching and learning content, showcase teaching efforts and encourage publication of open resources: Centre for Higher Education Development, Commerce, Engineering and the Built Environment, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law, Science

 City University of New York (US), Podcast Lectures - English, Anthropology, Cultural Diversity, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Speech, Writing Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative -   Multiple subjects.Anyone can use the courses without registering, but work will not be saved. Lessons include quizzes. There are materials for students and faculty. Accessing material is free and instructors can set up a course for their students which will include metrics to track their progress.

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) (NL), OpenCourseWare (OCW) - course materials free to everyone with online access: Water management, Microelectronics, Offshore Engineering, NanoScience, Biomedical engineering, Sustainable Development, Transportation and Planning, Media and Knowledge Engineering, Engineering and Policy Analysis, Product Design, Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering, Marine Technology, Geomatics

European Graduate School (EGS) (HB) - Videos and video clips of lectures, sessions and interviews

Falmouth, University College (UK), openSpace - platform for making teaching materials free to learners all over the world through Creative Commons, 'how to' guidance, courses: MA Professional Writing, IPR For Educational Environments

Foothill College (US), Sofia Open Content Initiative - open content initiative, promotes faculty & institutional sharing of online content: Project Overview, Course Gallery, News & Articles

Harvard University (US), Open Learning Initiative - selection of noncredit online courses featuring faculty to the public for free

Knowledge Network-  The Open University of Hong Kongflexible learning, Open Learning platform to give free access to educational resources, access anytime and anywhere: Business & Management, Education, Finance & Investment, Health, History & Culture, Language & Literature, Science & Technology, Learning Resources, Free Courseware, Jobs & Career

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School (US), OpenCourseWare Project - access to most popular courses, open access to info & knowledge about obstacles to public's health & potential solutions: content by topic, image librar.

Michigan University (US), Open.Michigan - Education - collection of openly licensed educational resources (OER), Ranging from course materials to videos to software tools to student work, ready for downloading and remixing: literature, science and the arts, architecture + urban planning, dentistry, education, engineering, information, medical, nursing, pharmacy, public health, public policy, social work

Middle East Technical University (TR), OpenCourseWare - open educational resource: Aerospace, Architecture, Chemistry, Engineering (civil, computer, electrical, environmental, industrial, mechanical, materials, mining), Cognitive, Instructional Technology, English, Education, Language, Geodetic and Geographic, Informatics, math, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Statistics

MIT Open Courseware  - In 1999, MIT Faculty considered how to use the Internet in pursuit of MIT's mission—to advance knowledge and educate students—and in 2000 proposed OCW. MIT published the first proof-of-concept site in 2002, containing 50 courses. By November 2007, MIT completed the initial publication of virtually the entire curriculum, over 1,800 courses in 33 academic disciplines. Going forward, the OCW team is updating existing courses and adding new content and services to the site.

Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (US), National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) - growing library of online courses for students and faculty in higher education, high school and Advanced Placement: College Course Foundations (American Government, Psychology, Religions of the World, Statistics for Social Sciences, US History, Non-Majors Biology, Environmental Science, Physics, Algebra

Nagoya University (JP), OpenCourseWare - notes and materials from lectures in both liberal arts and science, contents ranging from natural science to sociology

National Chiao Tung University (TW) - courses on basic sciences, compulsory and general courses: Science, Engineering, Management, Biological Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Science, General Education, Chinese Language, Electrical

New South Wales University (AU), eLearning Channel - Watch lectures for UNSW courses, view course content, related material and group activities: uploads, favorites, playlists Northern Virginia Community College's Extended Learning Institute - Northern Virginia Community College’s Extended Learning Institute encourages the development, adoption and use of high-quality free Open Educational Resources (OER) and other reliable low-cost course materials.

Nottingham University (UK) - collection of open educational materials openly licensed, from complete modules to smaller-scale learning objectives: Arts, Engineering, Medicine and Health Sciences, Science, Social Sciences Open.Michigan: Multiple subjects,with some offering lectures for download. Not all courses offer everything listed below. Each course notes what Creative Commons license is in use (if any). Teachers can submit their courses for review and publication on Open Michigan.

Oxford University (UK), Podcasts - audio, video, also on iTunes: Divisions (Humanities, Mathematical Physical and Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Social Sciences), Continuing Education

ParisTech (FR), Graduate School - teaching resources (mostly in French): Mathematics and Applications, Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies, Physics, Optics, Materials Science, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Energy, Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Life Sciences and Engineering, Earth Sciences and Environmental Engineering, Sciences of Economy, Management and Society

Pennsylvania State University (US), OER Courseware Modules - substantial portions of the resources provided to students, resources are available for reuse by teachers and learners worldwide: Energy and Mineral Engineering, Geography, Geosciences, Materials, Science and Engineering, Meteorology, Earth and Environmental Systems, Outreach Resources

Seoul National University (KR), SNU Opencourseware - open-ended educational content including syllabi and lecture notes, available on the Internet to support higher education: course list, search, news & notice

Stanford University (US), Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE) - popular engineering classes free of charge for students and educators around the world, lecture videos, reading lists and handouts, quizzes and tests, communicate with other students: Courses, What is SEE?, FAQ

Tokyo University, Opencourseware (JP) - free & open educational resource for faculty, students & self-learners around world: course list (science, engineering, medicine, math, frontier Sciences, information studies, Global Focus on Knowledge, economics, Law and Politics, Public Policy, Arts and Science) Tufts OpenCourseWare: Multiple subjects with lecture notes, suggested reading lists, assignments, and quizzes.

UC Berkeley: -  Multiple subjects as webcasts available through either YouTube or iTunes University. Utah State OpenCourseWare – Utah State OpenCourseWare is a collection of educational material used in our formal campus courses, and seeks to provide people around the world with an opportunity to access high quality learning opportunities.

United Nations University, OpenCourseWare - showcases training and educational programs implemented in a wide range of areas relevant to the work of the UN, open access to materials used in a variety of courses: Software Technology, Water, Environment and Health, Maastricht Economic and social Research and training centre on Innovation and Technology

Utah State University (US), OpenCourseWare - collection of educational material used in formal campus courses, provides people around world with opportunity to access learning opportunities: available departments, courses, FAQ

Virtual University of Pakistan (PK) - Course lectures from Virtual University [YouTube videos]

Waseda University, OpenCourseWare (JP) - linked to electronic lecture information search system where information on the syllabus for the current courses is available, Course materials published by faculty members who agree with the concept of OCW through the system webcast.berkeley – Every semester, UC Berkeley webcasts select courses and events for on-demand viewing via the Internet.  webcast.berkeley course lectures are provided as a study resource for both students and the public.

Washington University (US), OpenUW - series of free courses (American Civil War, Energy, Diet and Weight, Greek Mythology, Gulliver's Travels, Hamlet, HTML Basics, History of Jazz, American Revolution, Shakespeare's Comedies, Heroic Fantasy, World War II)  

Western Cape University (ZA), Free Courseware Project - making course materials available through an open content license: Departments (Biodiversity & Conservation Biology, Law, School of Public Health, Information Systems, Nursing)

Yale University (US), Open Yale Courses - lectures and other materials from selected Yale College courses, span full range of liberal arts disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, and physical and biological sciences.