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Copy of DIY Maths: Standard form and engineering notation


In this module, you can study how to write very large and very small decimal numbers in standard form and engineering notation, which are formats that make very large and very small numbers easier to work with. 

Standard form (also called "scientific notation") is used by scientists when working with large and small numbers.  Engineers use "engineering notation", which is similar to standard form. 


The video above shows you how to convert a number to standard form (scientific notation).


Did you know?

If a number in standard form has a negative exponent, the number is less than one.

Study and practice


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standard form
scientific notation
engineering notation

One odd little thing about our term "standard form" is that it refers to exactly the opposite thing in some other countries. You'll need to be aware of this to make sense of web pages from some other countries (such as the US).

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