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Copy of DIY Maths: Solving percent problems


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In this module, you can study how to solve percent problems.  There are lots of different methods for solving percentage problems.  You can use simple formulae, set up a proportion or use a grid or pyramid, to name a few.  On this page, you can study three different ways of solving percent problems.

This first video shows you how to use the proportion method to solve percentage problems.


The video above shows you how to use the formula method for solving percentage problems.

Did you know?

There are only three basic types of percent problems: 

(1)  What is Y% of Z? 

(2)  X is Y% of what?  

(3)  X is what % of Z?

Study and practice

Percentage Calculators

Solve problems like:

What is 8 out of 20 people as a percentage?

What is 23% of 340?

What is 340 increased by 20%?

Find help

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