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Copy of DIY Maths: Integers


The integers are:  { . . . -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3 . . .}

Integer basics

The number line 
All real numbers can be plotted in a line called a "Number Line".  In this unit, you can learn how to make a number line and how to put numbers on it.

Ordering negative numbers
In this unit, you can study how to put negative numbers in order from least to greatest.

Number opposites    
This unit shows you how to find the opposite (or additive inverse) of any integer.

Absolute value    
In this unit, you can learn how to find the absolute value (or distance from zero) of any integer.

Calculating with integers

Adding and subtracting with negative numbers  
In this module you can study how to add and subtract with negative numbers.

Multiplying with negative numbers
In this module, you can learn how to multiply with negative numbers.

Dividing with negative numbers    
In this module, you can learn how to divide with negative numbers.



DIY Maths does not cover these topics:  

You may study them by clicking the links to online tutorials at Khan Academy.