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Email Etiquette

This libguide includes tips about email etiquette for students and professionals. In the age of digital technology, it's important to maintain clear communication

Business Emails & the Law

Business Emails and the Law

It is a common misconception that your workplace Email is private and belongs to you. Your email program, as well as all correspondence legally belongs to your organization. Emails are subject to the same rules and regulations as traditional business letters and memos. Remember that Email rarely disappears and is seldom irretrievable. The “Delete” button does not signify permanent erasure. Most business emails are stored and archived on computer hard drives, servers, and back up disks. Libel, slander, and defamation are prosecutable so be mindful of what you say. Although the inclusion of disclaimers does not absolve anyone of having committed email crime, be sure to include disclaimers whenever warranted:

  • Clearly state the liability for any breach of confidentiality, purposeful or accidental
  • Remind recipients of their responsibility to protect against possible viruses
  • Identify those persons authorized to sign legally binding contracts
  • State clearly that your employees are educated in matters of email misuse and abuse

Arkansas Freedom of Information Act

Acceptable Computer Use Policy for UA Cossatot Employees

Student Personal Use of Computers and Internet at UA Cossatot