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Honesty is the solid foundation of good academic work.

What is academic integrity?

Academic Integrity is defined as a commitment to five fundamental values:

  2. TRUST
  3. FAIRNESSBlue cartoon figure sitting at a desk and typing on a laptop

Academic Integrity is honest and responsible scholarship. Honesty during scholarship is an important part of education. As a student, you are expected to submit original work and give credit to other peoples' ideas by using proper citation. UA Cossatot is a community that shares responsibility for establishing and maintaining appropriate standards of integrity and academic honesty. Through example,  faculty have an obligation to set high standards of honesty and integrity. At UA Cossatot, we expect students to follow these standards and encourage others to do so.

Ethical Habits

Having academic integrity is one of the most important traits we uphold. Having academic integrity means people can trust and rely on you to be honest. Successful leaders excel by being honest, fair, and trustworthy. It is important for students to develop good ethical habits during college and uphold integrity when entering the workforce.

UA Cossatot Academic Integrity Policy


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