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ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Academic Dishonesty Consequences

Honesty is the solid foundation of good academic work.

Academic Dishonesty Consequences at UA Cossatot

  1. Disciplinary actions could include any of the below:
  • Warning: Instructors reserve the right to give a warning to the student, lower the grade, or assign an F in the course, according to the instructor’s discretion and determination of the severity of the offense. Instructors may also require the student to attend a specified number of meetings at the Educational Resource Center (ERC) to address the problem. Instructors must file the first and/or subsequent offense reports and the disciplinary action with the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academics.
  • Probation: During probation, a student may still enroll and attend classes and participate in college events and programs. However, organization, department, divisional, or national by-laws or policies may prevent students from participation in a leadership or organizational role. Once this period is concluded without additional acts of misconduct, the student is returned to good standing with the college.
  • Suspension: During the period of suspension, the student is considered not to be in good standing with the college and is not allowed to attend classes or participate in college related events and programs. Once this period is concluded, without additional acts of misconduct, the student is returned to good standing with the college.
  • Expulsion: The student may not enroll again at any UA Cossatot campus.

ERC Academic Integrity Course

UA Cossatot instructors may require the student to attend an Academic Integrity Course at the ERC.


Indiana Plagiarism Certification

Students enrolled in Composition I are required to pass the Indiana University Plagiarism Test. Certificates are stored in the academic services office.

Indiana University Plagiarism Test

UA Cossatot Academic Integrity Course in Blackboard

Academic Dishonesty can earn an F

An image of a red letter F in a red circle