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Faculty Guide for OER

An easy-to-follow guide for open educational resources applying to each discipline.

Open Textbook Library


Lumen Learning

GALILEO Open Learning Materials, University of Georgia

The Virtual Biology Labs


Additional OER

National Institute of General Medical Science Videos and Images

OER Commons Biology Lab Manuals and Projects 

BCC Bioscience Images

Virtual Labs Resources from CSU

Biofundamentals 2.0
Full Text:

Biology High School OER Textbook
Full Text:

Cell Biology Cancas Course Shell 

Biology Canvas Course Shell

Interactive Simulations

CK12 Biology Concepts

CK12 Adaptive Exercises                    

Gizmos Online Simulations - Biology

National Science Foundation

Online Open Genetics

Intech Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology OER Textbooks

Intech Microbiology OER Textbooks

Intech Neuroscience OER Textbooks

Introduction to Human Osteology
Full Text:

Anatomy & Physiology (MOOC)

Introduction to Biology (MOOC)

Modern Biology (MOOC)

Additional OER Biology and Genetics Textbooks and Resources

Instructor's Guide to Concepts of Biology, Chapters 12-21
Full Text:

Microbiology 4000