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Faculty Guide for OER

An easy-to-follow guide for open educational resources applying to each discipline.


Linn-Benton Community College

The Open University

Business Writing

Lumen Learning

An Introduction to Sustainable Business

Business Law

Desktop Publishing


***LOGIN REQUIRED*** A course in Graphic Arts Technology provides students with an understanding of the processes and systems common to careers in publishing, printing, and other forms of media distribution. Representative topics include graphic design concepts; art and copy preparation; image generation and editing; desktop publishing; on-demand publishing; school yearbook and magazine layout; advertising and promotion; printing technology; binding and finishing; and screen printing.Students will be committed to lifelong learning as they grow individually, participate in groups, think analytically, create artistic products, and contribute to production of a major project. Students will learn illustration design software such as Adobe Illustrator, photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, and page layout software such as Adobe InDesign to create projects that will be printed in traditional and digital formats.

Designing Business Information Systems: Apps, Websites, and More
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Beginning Excel®

Business Math