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APA Style 7th edition: Audiovisual Media

This guide covers stylistics of writing, formatting, and citing in APA Style 7th edition

What is Audiovisual Media

“Audiovisual Media” includes media that contain audio and visual components. The citation style for audiovisual media varies. The sample references in this section show the most common


"Media-audio-visual-slide.svg" by RRZEicons is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 / A derivative from the original worktypes of audiovisual sources.

Film or Video

Director, A. B. (Director). (Date of publication). Title of motion picture [Film]. Production company.

Samuels, P. (Director). (2012). Cowboys on the loose [Film]. Universal Pictures. 

Television Series Episode

Writer, W. W. (Writer), & Director, A. D. (Director). (Original air date). Title of episode (Season number, Episode number) [Tv series episode]. In P. Executive Producer (Executive Producer), Series title. Production company(s). 

Ross, A. (Writer & Director). (2018, October 30). One more time (Season 5, Episode 9) [TV series episode]. In A. Miller & G. Martin (Executive Producers), Dragons. Untitled Martin Company; Universal Dragon Happenings; Bare Dragon Productions. 

Single Song or Track

Recording artist. (Year of release). Title of song [Song]. On Title of album [Album]. Record label. 

Smith, A. (2012). Long road [Song]. On Revolution [Album]. Griffith Records.

*NOTE- for classical music, list the composer instead of the recording artist.

*NOTE- if the song does not have an associated album, leave out the section with the album.

Artwork in a Museum or on a Museum Website

Artist, B. (Year of release). Title of artwork [medium]. Name of museum, City, State, Country. URL of museum

Mansfield, J. (1942). Summer sirens [Painting]. Art Museum of Indiana, Densey, IN, United States.

*NOTE- if the artwork is available via a museum website, cite that website at the end of the citation. If there is no associated website, don’t list a URL.

*NOTE- if the artwork does not list a title, briefly describe the work and put that description in square brackets.

Film or Video in Another Language

Director, A. B. (Director). (Date of publication). Title of motion picture in original language [Translated title] [Film]. Production company.

Roenninger, M. (Director). (1968). Ein morderkrieg [A murderer’s war] [Film]. Hess Films.

YouTube Video

Person or group who uploaded video. (Date of publication). Title of video [Video]. Website host. URL 

Fiery. (2017, April 12). Ways to interact with dragons [Video]. Youtube.


Executive Producer, B. B. (Executive Producer). (Range of publication). Title of podcast [Audio podcast]. Production company. URL

Laude, B. (Executive Producer). (2019-present). The truth [Audio podcast]. ABC.

*NOTE- the podcast host can be listed in place of the executive producer.

*NOTE- If you did not access the podcast via an online source, don’t list a URL.


Photographer, R. (Year of publication). Title of photograph [Photograph]. Source. URL

Kilby, K. (2022). Birthday girls [Photograph]. Arkansas Times.

*NOTE- If a title isn’t listed, describe the photograph and put that description in square brackets.

Television Series

Executive Producer, A. D. (Executive Producer). (Date range of release). Title of series [TV series]. Production company(s).

Sheridan, T., Costner, K. (Executive Producers). (2018-present). Yellowstone [TV series]Paramount Pictures.

Music Album

Recording artist. (Year of release). Title of album [Album]. Record label.

The Count. (2013). I love to count [Sesame Way]. 4AD.

*NOTE- if you are referencing a re-recorded version of a classical work, list that album title in brackets following the name of the album.

Single Podcast Episode

Executive Producer, A. B. (Executive Producer). (Date of publication). Title of podcast episode (Episode number) [Audio podcast episode]. In Title of podcast. Production company. URL

Evans, M. (Host). (2015, November 5). The ghost (No. 1) [Audio podcast episode]. In Haunted. KNUW Berlin.

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